What is Thermal Mapping?

Thermal mapping refers to a process of checking equipment to ensure that it is working at the required temperature, pressure and humidity. The test conducted takes all of these things into account in order to produce a thermal map of the equipment including areas that are too hot, too cold or an areas of pressure that is too high. Read More

The Importance of Good Construction Management

The process of construction management is not a simply task. It involves many different factors, negotiations and considerations. Poor construction management leads to poor construction, it really is as simple as that. Read More

The Process of Project Management

Managing a project is not as simple as overseeing the design and development processes and adding a bit of creative input here and there. Experience project managers will use established project management systems to ensure that their projects run smoothly and that they also exceed objectives and beat their deadlines. Every approach used will be slightly different in terms of task emphasis and terminology, however the general process is very similar. The process of project management goes through a selection of different stages, the first few stages will be detailed below.

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Discussing Future Goals for Sustainable Engineering

In the 21st century that are many global challenges faced by engineers. We are living on a planet of limited resources and are facing an environmental and economic crisis. Never before has the issue of sustainable engineering been more prominent. The process of reaching a point where sustainable engineering is a constant and the default is still a long way off. However, there are things that can be put in place by businesses today to help secure the businesses of tomorrow.

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Creating a Project Safety Plan

Any project that is within the fields of engineering or construction will come a high level of risk. It is possible to keep this risk low and prevent any serious accident occurring, however in order to do this you need to ensure that the safety plan you put in place is up to scratch. You need to tailor everything to your specific project and have a constant line of communication with team members regarding safety.

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All You Need to Know about Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Tests

The design and engineering of equipment involves a huge amount of factors from inception to completion. Managing a large project takes a huge amount of skill and exceptional leadership qualities. Health and safety regulations will need to be followed and all team members need to be regularly communication with each other in order to ensure that the project runs smoothly. However, once the project is considered complete, it is not always the end. Clients may request a factory acceptance test or a site acceptance test and in many cases both will be conducted.

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