Much like the view we’re named after, Panorama provides a complete offering designed towards one goal – total satisfaction.

Aside from engineering and consulting, our services extend all the way to project planning and commissioning. Our scope of work is chiefly in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Project Management, and MEP sectors.

It’s our job to turn today’s problems into tomorrow’s opportunities, and unless we have a solution that creates long-term value, our job isn’t done. We understand that no two problems are alike. So, you can rest easy knowing that we’re actively innovating for new solutions, rather than just adapting old ones.

It’s all about pushing the envelope. We push to create solutions that create value, and this value is our winning edge. Our aim is to surpass two things - your expectations, and the industry’s standards.

Panorama is a company that’s socially responsible. Every day, we adapt, advance and reach new heights, responsibly.

So join us, and we’ll go places, together.





Our Vision

Panorama's global vision makes us stand apart from our competition :

 Panorama aims to quickly become a leader of technology and a champion of industry.

 Our aim is to ensure long-term value creation for our clients, which will in turn foster a long-term relationship.

 Our plan is to constantly adapt and learn, to change with the trends and become something wiser each day.

 Our promise is that we will always provide comprehensive and accurate solutions, specially tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is four sided, and it goes as follows:

 To maintain a professional and technically sound approach to anything we do.

To be reputed worldwide as an engineering firm providing integrated solutions that add value for its clients.

Exceeding the expectations of our clients and peers, especially in respect to time, cost and work ethic.

To forever uphold the principles of equality and integrity.


What we do comes from a combination of two things.

On one hand comes focus, commitment, perseverance and excellence. Your focus towards the task at hand must be absolute and unwavering. Times will get tough, so remain committed to the cause. You’ll inevitably find more dead ends than breakthroughs, so perseverance and grit make useful allies. Imbibe this in everything you do, excellence is never out of reach. 

But that is only one side of the story. The Panorama edge comes from combining the above with years of experience, thorough expertise, highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge technology.

When these two meet, you get not only our best effort, but also the best the industry has to offer.



As the founder of Panorama, Mr Dilip Mehta has spearheaded many projects that have shaped the direction and quality of the work at Panorama. He holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Baroda.

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Punit Sheth


Punit Sheth is in charge of Panorama India’s business operations and has been their primary project engineer. He holds a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from UDCT, Mumbai and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Dartmouth College, USA.

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Suraj Iyer


Suraj Iyer handles Panorama India’s technical operations and has been the primary process engineer for Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. He has been awarded a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from UDCT, Mumbai and has completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta (IIM-C).

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Lalit Jain, a former lead at the global engineering department of Bristol-Myers Squibb, has over thirty years of Process Engineering experience serving the Nano-Technology, Bio-pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Specialty Chemical Industries.

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Ratan Banerjee brings over 35 years of experience to the role of Panorama’s principal process and project advisor. In the same role, he has served a variety of industries ranging from biopharmaceutical, petrochemical, refinery and cryogenic plants. He holds a bachelor of engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Khadakpur and MBA from the University of Houston.

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Ravi Koduveri leads Panorama’s Process Engineering Division. He has been awarded a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT, Tiruchirappalli and has completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science.

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Mukesh Gandhi works with us as a senior consultant in Panorama’s Project Management Division. He holds a B.E in Mechanical Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Business Management.

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Mr. Sandeep Nanivadekar brings over 27 years of experience to the role of Panorama’s principal Instrumentation Engineer. The scope of his work includes of Detail Engineering and Project Management from concept phase to commissioning.

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