Case 1: Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited

Plant design for production of Y TPD of product X*

Problem Statement

To design a plant for Y tons per day of production of product X for Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.


The project involved the complete conceptual design and Basic Engineering Package design for a new facility. The following were the deliverables for the project:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Evaluating technology options
  • Preliminary design and basic engineering
  • Detailed process calculations
  • Making Process flow diagram and P& ID
  • Modifying and eliminating process related losses
  • Equipment design considering proper safety as per ASME standards
  • Instrument design and specs
  • Equipment and instrument specifications for procurement
  • Detailed design

Panorama approached the problem with a neutral viewpoint and suggested significant improvements over the existing facility.


  • The design was completed in the allotted time frame
  • Apart from the process design, modifications in the existing sparging system were made to reduce losses and better dispersion

*For confidentiality purposes, the name of product and capacity of production have not been disclosed