Case 4: Chemtura Corporation (Hatco Division)


The client is a unique producer of specialty chemicals located at a 75 acre site in New Jersey. Panorama’s client was the purchaser of the facility and realized that most of the P&IDs of the facility were either obsolete or non-existent. For insurance purposes, the client needed a complete walk-down and drawing of P&ID’s with the final CAD output in record time to honor the sale.

The Approach:

Panorama sent in on-site engineers and CAD personnel to Redline and develop As-built PIDs for the manufacturing facility. Over a 100 drawings were updated in about 4 weeks.

P&IDs included following systems:

  • Complex Chemical System including
    -High Temperature Reactors
    -Low Temperature Reactors
    -Steam Jet systems
    -Effluent pre-treatment plant
    -Hydrotherm heater system for hot oil utility
  • Storage and Acid tank farms
  • Manifolds
  • Plant Utility systems including
    -Steam and Condensate
    -Cooling tower water
    -Plant air
    -Process water
    -Hot oil systems


Panorama provided high quality engineering and CAD service. Panorama completed the entire project within the expected time-frame.