Importance of Smart Construction Project Management in India

Reasons Why You Need Smart Project Management in India

Construction Project Management in India is the application of skills, knowledge, both technically using limited resources to achieve the targets set, in order to get the highest performance, time, quality and optimum safety.

For construction project management in India, a project has limitations with respect to the ultimate goal that has to be achieved. Organizations have to ensure that the eligibility of a smart project management process by focusing on quality, cost, time, safety and health, environmental, resource, risk and information systems.

There are three big things that need to be reviewed in the construction project management in India to manage the course of a project, namely:

  1. Planning

In order to achieve a goal, the project needs a well-planned design. It can be done by providing project goals and objectives while making administration and programs, with the goal to meet all the requirements specified in a time limit, including cost, quality, and safety. Planning a project carried out by conducting feasibility studies, value engineering, planning within the scope of the project management (therein including time, cost, quality, resources, safety and health, the environment, information systems and risk).

  1. Scheduling

Scheduling Project Management is the application of planning by providing knowledge about the schedule and progress of the project plan and includes all existing resources, including costs, equipment and labor, material and timely completion of the project. Scheduling projects is carried out by observing the development of the project with various problems.

Monitoring and updating of processes is always done to produce the right schedules, to fit the project objectives. There are several ways to create a project schedule, the scheduling Linear (vector diagram), curve S (HANUMM Curve), Network Planning, Time BARCHART and duration of action. If an error occurs and there are deviations from the initial plan, people must do corrective action and evaluation of the project, in order to continue to run on the right path.

  1. Control and Project Management

The main objective of the project is to keep the same flow and streamlining of the project by reducing or eliminating any form of deviation that might occur during the execution of development projects. The goal of the project is to empower & control the entire time, quality, cost and safety projects maintained, as well as having the proper criteria as a benchmark. All activities undertaken during the inspection process are controlled; supervised, corrected and are repeated for the project during the implementation process.

Good project management is how to manage and organize a wide range of assets, human resources, time and quality of work of the project, so the project generates maximum quality within the planned time and give effect to the welfare of employees. A project needs a good management process so that each personnel can carry out his job properly in accordance with it & is responsible without pressure from superiors.

The Characteristics of Good Project Management

  1. Rapid development, excellent quality and low price.
  2. Pleasant working atmosphere, the compact and the mutual respect between co-workers, superiors and subordinates.
  3. Manager in project management can act as a leader.
  4. Enjoyment of the rights and responsibilities of employees.
  5. Employee benefits

A properly organized construction project management in India will be able to complete the construction of the project in a much faster time; less than the scheduled time in the contract (worst case it is at least not delayed), in addition to the cost control, so as to obtain the maximum benefit. A robust & strong quality system is also a key project management asset.

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