Sustainable Engineering in India

In the era of the ever changing world, engineering seems to be taking over the globe. However, nowadays, the world has limited resources and humans are expected to face bad environment and economic situation. In this situation, we need a real sustainable solution which will give a bright future. Hence, Sustainable Engineering in India could be the answer.

Improve life cycle performance

In this case, a project will need to be designed with a proper project life cycle. A project with a structured life cycle management will ensure that costs don’t rise up unnecessarily during the course of the project execution. Right from the design phase of the project, we need to estimate the impact of the design on environment and costs. In construction projects, designing & planning can still be easily manageable but the subsequent maintenance costs of it should also be considered in the planning phase. Considering everything in this life cycle of the project will help to increase the environmental performance & hence ensure sustainable engineering.

Specify Salvaged Materials

Recycling some materials will ensure improving the environment. In this case, the recycling is needed to limit the use of mining. Mining being useful for natural resources, it is able to discover many products. However, many mining sources are limited which cannot last for a lifetime of the earth. The natural resources are already starting to deplete. In such situations, alternative sources of mining or recycling waste materials could be the best bet.

Alternative materials

The act of sustainable engineering can be started from small things, such as our daily life. One of the acts which can be done is using alternative materials. Structural engineering needs steel and concrete materials in construction projects. These materials will help in producing energy; however they are not too good for the environment. Using alternative materials in such scenarios will directly help the earth. The advantages of the materials may be useful for the structural integrity. But, the engineers should be convinced to use the alternative materials.

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