Automatic Sprinkler System Design Factors

Irrigation and water systems for a residence can prove to be an essential mechanical aspect of any garden or lawn. Designing a proper automatic sprinkler system for your home is something that should be done with great care and technical know-how. In India, there a number of companies that provide this service for homeowners or companies with areas that require watering.

Automatic Sprinkler System Design

Planning an efficient automatic sprinkler system for your property requires you to note a number of essential things. One needs to correctly understand the design capacity of the sprinkler system and just how much water is actually available for the sprinkler system to utilize. Often times, irrigation systems in India are done using the public water supply. A number of things should therefore be checked, these include:

  • Check the water pressure (PSI). Attaching a pressure gauge to the external faucet nearest to the water meter can do this. You should ensure that no other water in flowing within the house. Turn on the water supply and take a record of the number indicated.
  • Determine the water volume available for the sprinkler system
  • Also, using an appropriate system design capacity chart, locate your own sprinkler system design capacity and static pressure.

After checking these basic things, then you can proceed to installing your sprinkler system.

  • Do an appropriate plot plan by indicating and sketching the location of your house, taking note of all trees, lawns and fences around the house.
  • After determining the water pressure and volumes necessary, the next step is to select the sprinkler head. There are three main types and these include; rotors for large areas, rotating steam spray sprinklers and small area sprinklers.
  • After understanding the reach and capacity from choosing your sprinkler heads, you can design where you want to locate your sprinkler heads around your lawn. Sprinkler heads usually come with specifications on their reach so be sure not to place sprinklers far apart so that everywhere on your lawn can be watered. Sprinklers can also be divided into zones if the yard is quite large.
  • Properly ensure all points of connection are in proper correspondence with each of the specifications needed, including pipes and valves. Most professionals would recommend PVC pipes because of the constant water pressure from the backflow preventer to the zone control valves.
  • Run a proper system installation ensuring the wires for the main control are all connected.

Automatic sprinkler systems are quite technical to install and you should contact the help of an experienced professionals. Most homes in India have small watering areas so the workload may not be so much of an undertaking. For larger areas such as fields and parks, a proper technical team should be employed to properly take care of all the technicalities that may arise on the job. It may also not be a one-day job so patience is required in order to sort out all the small aspects to ensure your automatic sprinkler system is working perfectly.