Tips to Hire the best construction contractors in India

Contractors are an individual or companies offering services tied to the development of construction activities, where the contract value and the contract completion time are agreed on by both parties in the form of a mutual signed contract.

Duties and Responsibilities of Contractors

In order to facilitate the activities in the project, the contractor must prepare personnel who will serve in the field, such as manpower, equipment or material. Contractors also ensure implementing the construction project in accordance with regulations and specifications that have been planned.

As the construction project progresses, the contractor shall make a report, be it daily, weekly, monthly or as agreed. This report will track whether the project is going according to the time schedule fixed upon i.e. whether the project is progressing or otherwise not in accordance with the time (time schedule). If it is not in accordance with the time schedules, the contractor has to take steps to fix it.

How to Choose a Good Contractor?

With so many contractors in the local & international markets, it is difficult to choose the right contractor who ensures that processes, quality and schedules are met properly as per the requirements. Therefore, in this article will discuss some things that could be used as a benchmark in choosing a contractor eligible, including:

Select More Than One Alternative Contractor

Generally, having more than one alternative contractor works if you are trying to find a contractor for the first time and are not sure about the contractors work quality, reputation etc. Hence, finding more than one contractor, comparing quotes and possibly having multiple contractors assigned for unique objectives makes the process easier, and risks smaller.

Once the contractor trust is developed, it makes more sense to direct most tasks to a single dedicated contractor to avoid multiple point of contacts, hierarchies etc.

Budget Planning

If possible, you need to make the initial calculations for the costs to be spent, so that you can avoid fraud and can analyze the bid price. The budget plan is important to adjust the construction work if it can be done in accordance with the concept of best work or no adjustment in accordance with the budget.

The Legality of a Clear Contract

Many service contractors exist who do not clear their legality. You need to choose a contractor who has a clear business license, will strive to maintain the quality of its work, as it relates to the credibility or reputation that should be retained. Therefore choose a contractor who has a valid business license.

A Good Source of Recommendations

When we know someone or service users who have used the services of a contractor who wants us to use his services for our project, it is worth looking for accurate information about the results of work. You can ask a client who has been working with the contractor. It would be better if people close to you are recommending the contractor.

Contractors with Skilled Labor

Sometimes contractor focuses only by having the quantity or the number of employees without involving the quality aspect. Choose a contractor who has a good quality of work; which generally comes from the contractors that already has the ability to do his job i.e. an existing portfolio.

Consider the Price Offered

Choose a contractor who offers a reasonable price. That is, do not choose a contractor with a very high price, let alone exceeds our budget. Do not also choose a contractor with the price too low, because it could be that they have miscounted. Worse yet the contractor might be sacrificing work quality and ultimately disappoints you.


A good contractor will be responsible with the results of his work. He will guarantee his work in case of any damage occurrence anytime in the future. The warranty period should be described in the contract that is clear and does not become a problem later on.

It is difficult to find the ideal contractor and in accordance with our wishes. In addition to the tips above, there is one more thing that is important, our communication with the contractor. If communication is maintained smoothly, no matter how severe a problem and the obstacles we may face, it will be easier to find a solution. Therefore, before starting the project, it is better to do careful planning, before we are sorry for acting too quickly without calculations.